Taking on the mantle of Stargirl is a big deal, and the cosmic staff that she wields is also a big deal… but what fans might not realize is how big that staff actually is.

Actress Brec Bassinger recently spoke to press as part of a press conference to preview DC’s Stargirl Season 2, premiering tonight on The CW, and one of the things Brec spoke about was the Cosmic Staff and how she was originally awkward with it.

“Going into Season 1, I was definitely intimidated just walking onto such a big set and a role that I had never played before. Obviously, I was very nervous,” Brec recalled. “Specifically when it comes the physicality stuff, I was a gymnast growing up. So, I could do some of it, but as for the Cosmic Staff, I felt like I had two left feet. I was so uncoordinated with that thing. I’m 5’2 and that thing is six-foot. So, I was always tripping over it. The amount of cameras I hit with it, the amount of people I hit with it first season, was not my brightest moment. But it was so cool getting to come back with Season 2.”

Things were different, though, when Brec returned for work on the show’s second season.

“I would have hair and makeup people come up to me and just say, ‘Brec, your walk is different when you’re Stargirl this year’,” Brec said. “[It was] because I felt like I not only had a bigger confidence in Courtney, but more so in Stargirl and just how a superhero would walk, how to hold a six-foot staff, how to twist it around where when we were doing fight scenes, I was thinking less about the choreography and more about Stargirl as a superhero. So I definitely was able to come into Season 2 feeling more confident as Stargirl, which was fun to get to play with.

You can see Brec Bassinger and the rest of the talented cast of DC’s Stargirl as Season 2 begins tonight (August 10) at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.

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