has learned the titles and credits for the first six episodes of DC’s Stargirl Season 3. New episodes of the series air Wednesdays beginning August 31 on The CW.

All of the episodes begin with “Frenemies” and a chapter number. For example, Episode #3.1 is “Frenemies, Chapter One” followed by the subtitle. Here are those titles. Of course, there are several more than these six on the way, so keep your eyes open!

#3.1 “The Murder”
Written by Geoff Johns – Directed by Andi Armaganian

#3.2 “The Suspects”
Written by Robbie Hyne – Directed by Andi Armaganian

#3.3 “The Blackmail”
Written by Tyler Streitz – Directed by Walter Carlos Garcia

#3.4 “The Evidence”
Written by Paula Sevenbergen – Directed by Walter Carlos Garcia

#3.5 “The Thief”
Written by Steve Harper – Directed by Lea Thompson

#3.6 “The Betrayal”
Written by Alfredo Septien & Turi Meyer – Directed by Lea Thompson

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