Nearly 25 years ago, DC Comics published a comic book series called Starman from creators James Robinson and Tony Harris. The book neatly tied together the parts of the Starman comic book character legacy up to that point, and introduced a great new hero in Jack Knight, son of the original Starman.

At one point it was in development as a TV series for ABC, sadly without the participation of Jack’s creators and missing key characters like The Shade, but they did not go forward. However, James Robinson is now involved in a new TV iteration of the Starman legacy — Geoff Johns’ Stargirl series for DC Universe. The news came today at the New York Comic Con during a panel spotlighting Geoff Johns.

“It’s about passing the torch and heroism for a new generation,” Johns said about the project, and he added that Brec Bassinger who is playing the role is “adorable but she can still kick ass.” In addition to the news that Robinson has joined the Stargirl writers’ room, Geoff confirmed that we’ll be getting a 15 foot stall S.T.R.I.P.E. robot.

In addition to good comics featuring Star-people, Robinson and Geoff Johns both were involved with the successful JSA comic book, and the Justice Society figures in to the DC Universe series.

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