As if a new poster from The CW wasn’t enough…. DC Universe has unveiled some advertising artwork for DC’s Stargirl.

The show premieres Monday, May 18 on the DC Universe streaming service and has its broadcast premiere Tuesday, May 19 on The CW. Brec Bassinger stars as Courtney Whitmore who finds a special item in her garage that has ties to a society of heroes from the past — the legendary Justice Society of America, or the JSA.

This particular artwork is noteworthy because there are some big spoilers about some of the characters we will be seeing on the new show based on characters from DC Comics. A new Wildcat, a new Dr. Mid-Nite, and a younger Hourman seem to be there with Stargirl, her stepfather, and the giant robot S.T.R.I.P.E.. And if that’s not that, the Injustice Society made up of Earth-2’s most nefarious villains can be seen at the bottom, with villains including Icicle, Sportsmaster, and Brainwave.

DC’s Stargirl comes from Geoff Johns who co-created the character of Courtney Whitmore with Lee Moder over twenty years ago. Talented crew working on the series includes Greg Beeman (Smallville), Glen Winter (Supergirl), and James D. Robinson (Starman comics). Take a look at that poster art below, and be sure you’re following @StargirlTV on Twitter for show updates!

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